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Our Vision

We envision a consciousness shift to reduce the suffering caused by trauma and ilnesses  with the healing potential of psychedelics and the practices they inspire. We advocate for a holistic (body-mind-spirit) treatment involving professionals, health caretakers, but also, the efforts of each member of our society.

Our Mission

PsySoGro is revolutionizing the stigmatized perception of psychedelics by cultivating multi-disciplinary knowledge of the responsible use of psychedelic compounds. To achieve this goal we host activities involving a deep appreciation for science, protection of sacred plants, and profound respect for ancestral wisdom and indigenous traditions along with promoting harm reduction and education about psychedelic substances.

We advocate uniting science and spirituality to lay the foundation for humanity's healing considering body, mind, and spirit.

Our Values

Inclusion & Reciprocity:
To remain committed to people, and make them feel like they belong to the Psychedelic Society Groningen no matter their ethnicity, culture, or beliefs.
Open communication:
In our community, we emphasize the freedom and compassion to express thoughts, feelings, and ideas without having to fear judgment
Bridge Science & Spirituality:
To interconnect wisdom in all the aspects of the psychedelic experience in which we consider the objectivity of science and the higher order of faith from spirituality. This will help our society to integrate the concept of ‘holistic healing’.
We encourage joint efforts with other organizations and individuals to accomplish common goals.

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